Wake Me When I’m Gone


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Everyone says that Ese is the most beautiful woman in the region, but a fool. A young widow, she lives in a village, where the crops grow tall and the people are ruled over by a Chief on a white horse. She married for love, but now her husband is dead, leaving her with nothing but a market stall and a young son to feed.

When the Chief knocks on Ese’s door demanding that she marry again, as the laws of the land dictate she must, Ese is a fool once more. There is a high price for breaking the law, and an even greater cost for breaking the heart of a Chief. Ese will face the wrath of gods and men in the fight to preserve her heart, to keep her son and to right centuries of wrongs. She will change the lives of many on the road to freedom, and she will face the greatest pain a mother ever can.

Wake Me When I’m Gone is a story of curses broken, and lives remade, of great tragedy and incredible rebirth. In this, his second novel, Nigerian writer Odafe Atogun unfolds a world rich with tradition and folklore, a world filled with incredible people of remarkable strength, a world that is changing fast.

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Odafe Atogun

Odafe Atogun is a Nigerian writer.

His debut novel Taduno’s Song was selected for the BBC Radio 2 Book Club and he has been compared to Franz Kafka and George Orwell in critical reviews. His second novel Wake Me When I’m Gone was selected for the WH Smith Fresh Talent Promotion for spring 2018. He had a stint in journalism early on.

Now a full-time writer, The Cabal is his third novel.

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