The Gun Merchant (Pacesetters)


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‘Understand, Joe…you must be unscrupulous, otherwise you’ll go hungry. Remember, guns don’t kill, it’s people who kill.’

So it would seem to the power-crazed Apa, the most unscrupulous man of them all. To him life seems easy, so long as he retains the upper hand.

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Kwasi Koranteng

Kwasi Koranteng was born and educated in Ghana. After University, he worked as an editor with various publishing houses in Ghana and, then with the Ghana Book Development Council as a Book Development Officer. He has also taught for a few years in Nigeria. He is now on retirement but still actively pursues writing, a hobby which is very dear to his heart.

Kwasi Koranteng has authored over twelve titles with some winning awards such as the Valco Fund Literary Award and the Ghana Book Award. Kwasi writes stories for children and young adults and says there is no retirement for the writer.

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The Gun Merchant (Pacesetters)


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