The Runaway Bride (Pacesetters)


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The wedding has been arranged and the guests and the bridegroom are waiting in the Cathedral – but where is the bride?

What is it that has made life with handsome, wealthy Philip seem impossible after all?

Pamela has got to get away to find herself, her true vocation and – could it be? – love.

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Barbara Kimenye

A prolific writer widely regarded as “the leading writer of Children's literature in Uganda”, Barbara Kimenye is among the first Anglophone Ugandan women writers to be published in Central and East Africa. Her stories are extensively read in Uganda and beyond and have been widely used in African schools.

Kimenye was born in England, in 1929, but by her own admission considers herself Ugandan by birth. She has been quoted as saying that details about her early life “have no bearing” upon her career as a writer. Kimenye studied nursing at Hammersmith, London, where she met and married her Tanzanian husband prior to moving to Uganda in the early 1950s.

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The Runaway Bride (Pacesetters)


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