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Adeline Araba Ainooson

Adeline Araba Ainooson(nee Aidoo) is a Christian Lady called to write inspiring articles on the Christian faith; she has an insatiable desire for the knowledge of God's Word. She keeps her passion ablaze with an unquenchable zeal for service in God's kingdom. She believes in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and has held Christian leadership positions. Amongst other things, she loves to listen to people who through encountered incidents, express their Christian faith and affirm the truths in God's Word. She firmly believes that when we give God our praise in all situations, He is faithful to keep company with us.
As an Attorney-at-Law by profession, places Adeline has worked include the Ministry of Justice in Ghana, and the United States Mission to Ghana as the Fraud Investigator for the Department of Homeland Security in charge of West and Central Africa.
Adeline is also a Certified Life Coach and currently resides with her husband, Paa Kwesi(Godfrey) in the United States of America.
To the Glory of God, Adeline continues to work with passion and humility in the Lord's vineyard and is prepared to go, wherever that leads her.