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Securing that Dream Job: A Smart Guide to a Successful Interview

In today’s competitive employment environment, it is important that a job applicant has a head start over his/her competitors on the job market. However, there is a general absence of information that would give applicants a bright chance of success at interviews.

Securing that Dream Job: A Smart Guide to a Successful Interview provides an enlightened guide or a road map to job applicants on excelling at job interviews. The book guides readers through the preliminary steps to an interview, such as writing a concise and persuasive application letter and curriculum vitae. It discusses the mistakes to avoid and also provides useful guidelines to portray oneself in the best possible light by maximizing one’s strengths and minimizing one’s shortfalls or perceived weaknesses.

The burden of the book discusses recent trends in conducting interviews, physical appearance, courtesies to observe at the interview, composure and attitude. Critically, the book discusses some questions to expect and the approach to answering them. The book does not seek to provide an exhaustive list of possible questions but seeks to mark out the contours on which interviews are generally conducted . This in intended to give the applicant fore knowledge of what to expect; the slippery and tricky areas the applicant must watch out for and how best to meander one’s way through.

The book concludes with a brief discussion on factors to consider before accepting a new job offer.

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Godwin Djokoto


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