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Sam Jonah and the Remaking of Ashanti

Sam Jonah and the remaking of Ashanti recounts the inspirational life of one of Africa’s most prominent black businessmen. From working underground as a shovel boy to his appointment as the CEO of the trailblazing African gold mining company, Ashanti Goldfields Corporation, Sam Jonah’s determination to surmount every obstacle in a career strewn with hurdles makes for compelling reading.
Frenzied deals, boardroom cliffhangers, political scandal and private battles punctuate this unique account of the challenges of conducting ‘First World’ business in the ‘Third World’. Through Jonah’s corporate leadership we explore the paradox that a continent so richly endowed with gold and other minerals should find itself in such dire poverty. It is a hopeful story about breaking the confines of one’s circumstances, not just for Africans but for individuals the world over.
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A.A. Taylor


Sub-Saharan Publishers


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