Renewable Energy: Conservation (Kawi Renewable Energy #3)


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The Kawi popular science series on Renewable Energy is a unique collection of children’s books which educates the reader on the various forms of energy. The books present scientific explanation of how natural elements can be exploited in order to increase energy supply in Africa. The series comprises of six books and focuses on solar energy, hydropower, wind, biogas and wood fuel.

Authors from different regions in Africa were commissioned to develop an interesting set of books, which expose the vastness and abundance of Africa’s natural resources. They provide ample African cultural and traditional examples which have sustained the continent’s energy needs and application for years. A wide range of activities, exercises drawn from African experiences have been used to make the series lively and relevant to young African readers.

Book 3 is a very enriching book, which presents various ways of conserving energy. It gives numerous suggestions of how to save energy through the correct choice of appliances. Interesting exercises have been developed to reinforce to children that the proper use of natural resources contributes to energy conservation. Examples and experiences include traditional and cultural practices from across Africa made exciting through vivid illustrations and photographs.

The author, Alfonso Dominic Nyorch, is currently a senior education officer with the City of Nairobi, Kenya.

Titles in the Kawi Renewable Energy series include:

  • Book 1 Renewable Energy – Sources
  • Book 2 Renewable Energy – Uses
  • Book 3 Renewable Energy – Conservation
  • Book 4 Renewable Energy – Conversion
  • Book 5 Renewable Energy – Storage
  • Book 6 Renewable Energy – Challenges for Africa

The Kawi series is the product of a project implemented jointly by UNESCO and the African Publishers’ Network with support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Canadian International Development Agency.

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Renewable Energy: Conservation (Kawi Renewable Energy #3)


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