Essential: Our World and Our People Primary 5 Learner’s Book

Essential Our World and Our People Primary series meets the full requirements of the current New Standards-based curriculum by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) with a problem-solving approach to learning.

This Learner’s Book aims to use a variety of approaches in order to offer as many ways of learning as possible. Each theme in the Learner’s Book contains activities and exercises that will help learners achieve the objectives of that theme. They are designed to develop a range of skills and adapt individual tasks to the needs of each learner. The Learner’s Book also aims to produce a morally upright Ghanaian, who is responsible and capable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as preserving their environment for sustainability.

Each learner’s Book comes with a FREE digital edition of the book. The code for the digital edition appears on the inside front cover of the book and provides access for one year.


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