Raising Effective Learners: Tips for Nurturing Academic Success


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Irrespective of their disposition or innate ability, every learner can develop the right skills and attitudes that can propel them to achieve high academic success. Raising Effective Learners: Tips for Nurturing Academic Success abounds with Dr. Gideon Sappor’s expertise and enthusiasm for seeing every learner achieve their possible best. This captivating book is organized into six chapters − each a gem, concerned with providing appropriate support to parents and carers who desire to support their children develop essentially authentic Self-Regulated Learning (SRL).
Each strategy is packed with practical advice on the role of the parent and carer, and what they can do to support their child. Ultimately, this readable and well-organised book combines research-based evidence and clear, practical, and concise advice on how to harness the development of SRL skills in children.
Raising Effective Learners: Tips for Nurturing Academic Success therefore serves to inspire, sensitise, and equip parents and carers with the real opportunities that foster the development of their children.

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Dr Gideon Sappor

Dr Gideon Sappor (CPsychol) is a teacher and a chartered psychologist, specialising in child development and psychology of education. He is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Early Years and Primary Education at the Institute of Education, University College London. He leads the Learning and Teaching module on the Primary PGCE (teacher training) programme. In addition, he is the leader of the Guiding Effective Learning and Teaching module, which is part of the Education MA at UCL.

Gideon’s research interests are in the broad areas around the factors that predict high academic performance and achievement in children. He is presently involved in research looking at factors − including parental influences − impacting young people’s decisions to pursue science careers.

Having completed his education to undergraduate degree level in Ghana, he moved to the UK for his postgraduate and doctoral studies. He currently lives in the UK where he holds a Qualified Teacher Status in Primary Schools and a Fellowship with the UK Higher Education Academy. Gideon is a member of the British Psychological Society holding a chartered status. He is also the Head Pastor of RCCG The Covenant Church in Chatham Kent, and the author of Depression? No We Are Christians!

He is married with three teenage children.

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Raising Effective Learners: Tips for Nurturing Academic Success


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