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Purposeful Chaos: Move from ‘It Can Be Done’ to ‘It Has Been Done’

This book is an account of the journey of a resilient African woman, Dr. Abena Asomaning Antwi, who dared to aspire for more in life. It is an account of her journey to earning a PhD. in health economics. It captures the interesting but difficult choices that were made to seek education in a country that has a culture so different from what she has known. It talks about how the author, a farmer’s daughter, has dreamed dreams considered lofty but by sheer tenacity has achieved a life-long ambition. In the book, she talks about the expectations and subtle pressure placed on women by socially constructed gender roles.  She narrates how defying the status quo can propel individuals to break the bounds of averageness.

The book emphasizes the importance of education for all, especially for women and their contribution to development. The discussion of the impact of education in this book extends to health care and a look at mental health.  It also hints at racism, faith, discipline, love, fashion, grief and betrayal.

Although the narrative is captured in a time capsule of three to four years of life in France and Ghana, it draws on many dimensions of Dr. Asomaning Antwi’s journey to being. It is a mix bag of real-life, intellectualism, great humor and proof of how to achieve great milestones even in the face of challenges. It is a must-read!

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