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Mindset Revolution: Master Your Thoughts and Master Your Life (Pre-Order)

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Everything that has ever been created or achieved began as a thought. Living a life of destiny requires one to gain mastery over their thoughts through a process of harmonising their spirit, soul and body. This means change, which although a constant in life, can be challenging; changing a mind-set even more so.

This book is aimed at giving readers, especially Africans, a different perspective of their circumstances. It challenges the subconscious beliefs they may have which may be holding them back from living their potential. Although set within an African context, the truths presented is the minimum daily dose of inspiration and life coaching anyone needs to kick start the revolution of their minds.

Through a pragmatic, humour filled, conversational style, Akosua exposes truths, laws and secrets for living a ‘truly’ winning life. In here she shares:

  • Why the natural state is a life of abundance
  • Why having a vision and dreaming is important
  • How the ‘secret’ to living your potential lies in your thoughts
  • How to discover and become more of the REAL you

Akosua says ‘come with an open mind, embrace the truths presented and you will begin to discover how gaining mastery over your thoughts can propel you into living your wildest dreams’.

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