Lɔgɔligi Locomotion: A Logologo Collection of Poems


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This is a scattered jigsaw of poems that come together to exhibit the world in which the artist, Hondred Percent, inhabits. Each poem is a cog, spinning tales and depictions of Ghana, love, Christianity, life, desire, and women.

Just like life, the poems in this book take you on a journey of loco-motion. The path is wriggly with bumps, smooth roads and ups and downs. Thus, the term ” lɔgɔligi “.

The Poet Rapper immerses readers into his world and thoughts asking questions and repainting the world in his own color.

Lɔgɔligi Locomotion is a unique Ghanaian kente cloth of diverse colours of poetry that navigate emotional landscapes of humor, hope, tragedy, and identity.

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Hondred Percent

Hondred Percent is a Poet Rapper weaving a kente of words on paper, wind and sometimes on a beat.
He developed his craft of poetry and rap in the University of Zululand between 2005 - 2010. He was also the winner of the 2014 and 2015 Ehalakasa Poetry Slam Champion in Ghana.
He released a spoken word/hip hop album titled 'WTF' in 2017.
He has performed his works in Kenya and South Africa alongside notable poets and artists such as Mufasa (Kenya) and Manifest (Ghana), Poetra (Ghana), Nana Asaase (Ghana), Apiorkor (Ghana), Chief Moomen (Ghana), Rhymesonny (Ghana) and Kwesi Arthur (Ghana).

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Lɔgɔligi Locomotion: A Logologo Collection of Poems


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