• Kenken Kankan Konkon: Poems To Make You Laugh and Reflect on Life

    This book is a summary of life. It has poems to celebrate mothers, fathers, lovers and the unloved. There are poems on food and work and spirituality. What binds all of these together, however, is the presence of poems that makes the reader think deeply about life through simple but well-woven language to drive meaning home. It makes the reader laugh as they reflect on life.

  • Thunder Protocol

    Thunder Protocol is a mid-career oeuvre of lively and impressive poems that examine issues ranging from the personal to the global. The diversity of themes in this poetry collection is both refreshing and startling, with language that is sometimes witty and inventive, and other times reflective and simple. This collection, which seems like an uncovering of the poet, may be considered a bearer of a collective understanding on the workings of the world.

  • For Broken Men Who Cross Often

    Efe Paul Azino’s spoken word performances have received critical acclaim from listeners over the years. This book is therefore an expected result of a heightened expectation from many of his fans. For Broken Men Who Cross Often, is a refreshing and brilliant bond of the written and the oral, as it invents aesthetic devices to connect the two mediums which have constantly generated wide debate: spoken word and poetry-on-the-page. The author, in his writing, resonates through his themes of advocacy, love, loss, identity and history, the need for a revisit of the inner self. In Efe Paul Azino, we will always listen to tradition in present-day voice.

  • When the Person Who is Called COVID Came

    For two years and beyond, the 21st century world experienced a near-apocalypse through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Millions of innocent people have died at the hands of an invisible, merciless plague of a killer.

    How have those of us, who have been left behind, coped? How do we even have the space to grieve? How did we adjust to the clichéd ‘New Normal’? How did our lives change? – Our love lives, our family lives, our work lives, our social lives, our faith, our health, our philosophies… How have we changed? How have Ghanaians changed?

    By experiencing this encapsulating Poetry Chapbook, you too can relate to the phenomena of COVID and the [Ghanaian] Woman, The COVID News of Emotions that we Haven’t Reported and The Universal Human COVID Experience, all through Apiorkor’s razor-sharp Verse Journalism and poetic spirit, in over twenty pieces of poignant poetry.

  • Ìgbà Èwe: Translated Poems of Emily R. Grosholz (Yoruba)

    Ìgbà Èwe by Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún is a Yoruba-translated collection of poems written originally in English as Childhood (2014) by Emily R. Grosholz.

    A contemplation on life and places through the process of adopting and raising children, this work features side-by-side placement of the original twenty-six poems in English and the Yoruba translations, with illustrations by Yemisi Aribisala, presenting both textual and visual interpretations for a bilingual audience, and all those interested in both language worlds.

  • Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer

    “Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer,” is a captivating and thought-provoking book that takes you on a poetic journey through the mind of an entrepreneur. In this collection of chapters, I delve deep into my personal experiences, sharing profound insights and inspiring thoughts to ignite your imagination and fuel your entrepreneurial spirit.

    Chapter by chapter, I explore the highs and lows, the triumphs and challenges of my path. From the exhilarating pursuit of success to the moments of self-doubt and introspection, each chapter unravels a different facet of a dreamer’s wild and untamed world. With a spoken-word poetry style, I invite you to join me as I navigate through the realms of courage, resilience, and self-discovery.

    Are you ready to step into the world of a wild dreamer? Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and transformed. Let the symphony of words and the depth of emotions guide you as we embark on this extraordinary journey together.

    Get ready to unleash your magic and ignite your dreams’ flames. Welcome to “Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer”

  • Hope Lives Here

    Despite my dim musings, I found where hope lived, reached out for hope’s bright light, and wrote poems with magic to inspire people, to make the world kinder, to heal communities, and to unite people from diverse worlds. While writing, a flood of distinct emotions climbed me like a horse and stayed with me. I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I felt anger. I felt love. I felt peace in my soul. My heart was broken. I healed. 

    Hope Lives Here at its heart is about dreams. It is a collection of poems about passion, love, rejection, depression, poverty, self-doubt, possibilities, abuse, suicide, climate change, tolerance, politics, and power that shape human endeavours. Come to this book of poems with your heart and mind as we travel daringly across complex terrains of human realities without sidestepping. Hope Lives Here is inspiring, thought-provoking, and heart-warming.

    Hope Lives Here

  • Duma Nee Mgbayelɛ (Nzema)

    Covers some aspects on cultural heritage in Nzema; how a child is named and how some names are obtained. Also deals with some Nzema names and their appellations, the seven clans of the Nzemas and their characteristics.

  • Ao M’akoma Mu (Mfantse)

    Ao M’akoma Mu is an anthology of Fante poetry.

  • Birthing Butler’s Bethlehem Beast

    Birthing Butler’s Bethlehem Beast features poems inspired by experiences, ideas, and pictures from life, love, faith, and time. Not unlike the narrative style of Streams of Consciousness, the author chooses to label her style as more consistent with Streams of Spiritedness. With an eclectic mix of the literal, the whimsical and the downright mystical, these poems will cause the reader to wonder during the process of reading, yet, the soul will find within itself, a place of recognition, moments of familiarity, and the eventual arrival at a point where all the different ideas, no matter how alien, fall into place beautifully and cohesively to form a complete and collective quilt of a melody of words. If anything, these poems are bound to mesmerize, challenge, and inspire more thought upon which the art of poetry can be enhanced and nuanced in beauty and complexity.

  • SeedTime: Selected Poems I

    In memory of all the Ancestral Voices who prepared the field for our SeedTime…

    SeedTime I brings together Selected Poems from Kofi Anyidoho’s first five collections, beginning in reverse order with poems from AncestralLogic & CaribbeanBlues (1993), A Harvest of Our Dreams (1984), EarthChild (1985), Elegy for the Revolution (1978), and BrainSurgery (1985). BrainSurgery, the earliest of these collections, was never published as a collection until it came out together with EarthChild (Woeli Publishing Services, 1985), even though several of the poems had appeared in various journals, magazines and anthologies.

    SeedTime: Selected Poems I is a backward glance to those magical years of birth waters flowing across a landscape filled at once with danger and hope, with dying and rebirth in the mystery and miracle of new beginnings so soon after countless brushfires. But the doubt returns again so close behind the hope as we offer trembling prayers in new poems from an old loom: See What They’ve Done To Our SunRise. Yet, somehow, we must open our minds and souls to the Forever Promise of New SeedTimes. This world cannot, must not crumble under our watch.

    “Quintessential Anyidoho…a harvest of the master craftman’s gems across time and space. SeedTime brings a refreshing newness to old songs, and, for new ones, a touch of creative genius we have come to associate with the poet’s pedigree; a timeless legacy of a poet-laureate, whose voice waxes even stronger in his twilight years.” − Mawuli Adjei, author, poet and literary scholar

    “A collection of haunting poems in which we SEE the turbulent variety of our history, and HEAR the English language teased to express the many rhythms of the African’s eternal homesickness.” − Prof. A. N. Mensah, Department of English, University of Ghana

  • Hɔmɔwɔ: Ga Lalawiemɔi

    Hɔmɔwɔ: Ga Lalawiemɔi is a collection of Ga poetry by thirteen (13) contemporary poets.

    Featuring nineteen (19) poems, the poems cover different themes such as pandemics, Ga heritage, family, memory, childhood and love.

    Written completely in Ga, the book is a groundbreaking addition to the Ga language literary scene.

  • Flood Season

    After over a decade working as a musician under the name Kae Sun, Kwaku Darko-Mensah Jnr. makes a full-blooded return to poetry. His début Flood Season explores diasporic lives, the tensions between who we are and the clichés that surround our nation states, and hybridity. These are poems that carry their weight easily, fizz with the joy of a burst man.

    Flood Season

  • TSOO BOI: The Voices That Protest

    Amidst the Black Lives Matter movement, the End Sars revolution and the Fix the Country demand, TSOO BOI digs deep into the legacy of protests in the history of black people, and the potency of hashtags as a protest tool in the modern and digital age. This collection of essays, short stories and poems wrestles with our present reality, fleshes out the regressive parts, and imagines a better future.

    Reflecting on the past, present and future, 17 contemporary Ghanaian writers speak on topics such as respectability politics, queerphobia, the Ghanaian dream, decolonization and climate change.

    TSOO BOI is a shout for action, attention and coordination.

    Contributing writers include Ivana Akotowaa Ofori, Fui Can-Tamakloe, Najat Seidu, Adjoa Kedea, Edem Azah, Fiifi Buabeng-Baiden, Priscilla Arthur, Eev, Nahaja Adam, Akuvi Aguedze, Ama Afrah Appiah, Gabriel Awuah Mainoo, Mighty Yaw Apasu, Henrietta Enam Quarshie, Grace Mensah-Fosu, Ago Serwaa and Henneh Kyereh Kwaku. With cover art by Afia Prempeh.

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