Eastern Falls Guide (Chasing Waterfalls with Steve Ababio & Gina Arthur)


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Waterfalls in Ghana are interesting, delightful and well worth the effort to seek out and explore. While Ghana does not have any with the sheer vast height or width of say Niagara Falls on the US-Canada border, or Victoria Falls in East Africa, falls in Ghana offer a much closer personal interaction in that you can stand under or much closer to the cascades and bathe or swim in their plunge pools.

The Chasing Waterfalls with Steve Ababio & Gina Arthur Guide books help make your personal journey a lot easier and more rewarding as you get to pick and choose the sort of experience you prefer. The Coffee Table Book is the perfect gift for anyone you’d like to introduce to Ghana, for your own enjoyment.

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Gina Arthur

Gina is a multi-talented creative and sociologist with a keen focus on documenting individual and communal experiences as they relate to rural tourism attractions and their impact.

Gina is a gifted event planning professional specialising in bespoke individual and corporate destination event development and curation. She is also an adventure photographer as well as an avid hiking and camping enthusiast.

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Steve Ababio

Steve is an international travel and adventure photographer with a deep passion for capturing and presenting destination stories of Africa from an African perspective to a global audience.

The Chasing Waterfalls Guide project was born from this desire and marks the beginning of a broad series that will showcase the continent in unique and exciting ways.

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Eastern Falls Guide (Chasing Waterfalls with Steve Ababio & Gina Arthur)