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G is for Ghana (Hardcover)

Age Range: 5+ years

This ABC book is written with beautiful memories of Ghana in mind. I wanted to showcase the rich cultures in my native land and to relive the nostalgic feelings of my youth.

Ghana is a West African country nestled among Burkina Faso in the north, the Gulf of Guinea in the south, Togo in the east and Ivory Coast in the west. It is made up of an amazing blend of varied cultures and tribal influences, with great tribes such as the Dagombas, Frafras, Kusasis, Walas and the Gonjas from the north and the Ashantis, Akyems, Fantis, Ewes and the Gas in the south!

I hope this book does portray the beautiful and most friendly country, Ghana.


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Fatima Subri-Smith


Smartline Publishers


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