Crocodile Girl

Crocodile Girl is a tale of two strangers pulled together by the same hands of fate to uncover a secret tucked away in the scared forest of silence. Will Alero, the village belle and Tim, the American in search of certain pieces pertaining to his genealogy, overcome the insurmountable obstacles of evil and superstition?

This novel digs deep into a society in the throes of hatred and injustice. With journalistic flair and precision, the writer weaves an intensely moving story about the complexities of human relationships. Sam Omatseye bridges the gap between Western and African beliefs, unveiling the backward and superstitious nature of the blackman and the ignorance of the whiteman.

The result is a tragedy of two worlds coming together to discover each other, building on intense love, folklore, fulfillment and suspense.

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Sam Omatseye


Parresia Publishers


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