Night Dancer


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Night Dancer is set in Nigeria and tells the story of Mma and her stubborn mother, Ezi. Ezi’s unexpected death leads Mma to learn about her mother’s past and rethink the resentment and contempt she has held for her mother her whole life. Mma resents her mother who likes to say things twice like ‘dance-dance’and ‘happy-happy’ and won’t let Mma know wnaything about her father.

Written in three parts, Chika Unigwe tells a beautiful story about what happens, why it happens and why everything is the way it is, and what happens thereafter.

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Chika Unigwe

Chika Unigwe was born in Enugu, Nigeria, and now lives in Turnhout, Belgium, with her husband and four children.

Chika Unigwe is professor of Creative Writing at Georgia College and the author of several celebrated works of fiction, including On Black Sister’s Street which won the NLNG fourth book and second novel; coming almost seven years after his NLNG prize for Literature and most recently the short story collection, Better Never Than Late.

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