Anu Gbaa Ajo Egbe (Igbo)

Ositadimma Amakeze has been heralded as the modern-day Achebe.

Anụ Gbaa Ajọ Egbe… (fable)is a contribution towards promotion and preservation of folktales as tradition in Igbo land. Let the title, which at the first looks controversial, not deter you, for where there’s Tortoise they are limitless possibilities. Remember, it was he, who chose to be addressed as “Unu dum” when he joined a flock of birds to a feast in heaven. You better see why he is the Nkpọnkpọ kpọkịrịkpọ, one of a kind that no other animal is capable of begetting but she Tortoise herself!

The novel documents the adventures of Mbekwu, the tortoise who is regarded as the trickster in Igbo folklore – equivalent to Ananse in Twi lore or the Coyote in Native American lore.

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Ositadimma Amakeze


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