Essential Montessori Literacy Skills – Nursery 2 (Let’s Read Series, 2020 Edition)

Suitable for children between 2 and 6 years.

Essential Montessori Literacy Skills (Let’s Read Series) are workbooks designed to provide your ward with engaging exercises and rich activities to encourage the child to use and apply what he/she knows in Literacy to solve problems.

These books are designed to assist the child acquire early English ideas through activities designed to arouse his/her interest and enjoyment.

Children learn by doing with freedom to experiment through their various activities. It is important that even younger children at the nursery level (stage) should also have enjoyment and freedom when working. I however, encourage Parents, Guardians and Teachers involvement to inculcate in their wards the love for Literacy so as to make them geniuses in the English Subject.

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Duncan Campbell,

Grace Shirley


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Let's Read Series


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