Circle Time with Siya and Nkosi


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Age Range: 3+ years

Siya and Nkosi , two adventurous children, and their parents relocate from Cape Town, South Africa, a busy tourist city, to a new home in a quite village in Coffee Bay also in South Africa.

As they settle into their new home, they notice the difference in the city activities and the village life.

A lesson they learn is the value in being a good neighbour and how books light up our world when especially when we share.

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Jeanelle Elyse-Anna Yinbomah Atalobra

Jeanelle Elyse-Anna Yinbomah Atalobra, affectionately called Yinby is an expressive and energetic 7year old child. She is an amazing reader with a creative personality.
Jeanelle loves to learn new things and is always delighted to see the results of her experiments and projects. She is in class 3.
At six years old, Jeanelle authored two books “The Musical Talent Show and Circle Time with Siya and Nkosi”
Her inspiration for these books were mainly from the creative writing tasks given in school and the encouragement of her class teacher and her family.

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Circle Time with Siya and Nkosi


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