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Birthing Butler’s Bethlehem Beast features poems inspired by experiences, ideas, and pictures from life, love, faith, and time. Not unlike the narrative style of Streams of Consciousness, the author chooses to label her style as more consistent with Streams of Spiritedness. With an eclectic mix of the literal, the whimsical and the downright mystical, these poems will cause the reader to wonder during the process of reading, yet, the soul will find within itself, a place of recognition, moments of familiarity, and the eventual arrival at a point where all the different ideas, no matter how alien, fall into place beautifully and cohesively to form a complete and collective quilt of a melody of words. If anything, these poems are bound to mesmerize, challenge, and inspire more thought upon which the art of poetry can be enhanced and nuanced in beauty and complexity.

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Angela Gyamfi

The author was born in Ghana, West Africa, to Dr. Adu Tutu Gyamfi, a medical doctor and Mrs Felicia Gyamfi, an English teacher and education director. Growing up with four sisters, Angela, recalls a childhood with most of her alone time wedged amongst the sprawling bookcases of countless books in the personal library of her mother's brother, Professor Folson, a Political Science professor and author. There, amongst the company that she favored most, she would embark on flights of fancy and engage in fact-finding exercises to feed her insatiable curiosity. She underwent her high school education at Wesley Girls' High School in Cape Coast where her literary excellence was recognized and celebrated. Her university education started at The University of Ghana where she found herself studying Business Administration; a choice she made without enough introspection. She later migrated to The United States and attended Rutgers University in New Jersey. She would later find herself in and out of school as the ravages of daily survival in The United States of America got the better of her. Her business educational background equipped her for various positions in the Financial Services and Credit sector where she still finds herself working today. She has arrived at the point of realization that her writing must be given full expression and is currently pursuing an English degree at The Ohio State University; a decision she made to embark on a formal pursuit to better her craft and impart her knowledge to others. Her poetry collection was amassed over the years and contains snapshots of her life, her thoughts, and her heart. and impart her knowledge to others. Her poetry collection was amassed over the years and contains snapshots of her life, her thoughts, and her heart.

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