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Chicken Wings at the Altar

Chicken Wings at the Altar, seasoned with French translation, is a potpourri of well-seasoned verses recreating events in the now moment with vivid images. It underscores the festiveness in the eerie air of excitement of the Christmas season and beyond, viz New Year. You’ll find before you replay every single happenstances of Christmas including those beautiful sceneries you never thought could be attended to, all well captured in the pristine haiku and senryū forms. — Taofeek Ayeyemi, Editor, Idanre Haiku Review, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

At times playful, at times painfully poignant, Chicken Wings at the Altar takes familiar images and themes of Christmas and subverts and represents them in ways that both startle and satisfy. The collection captures the contrasting moods and melancholia of the festive period, in sensitively observed, acutely expressed scenes. — Paul Chambers, Editor, Wales Haiku Journal, Newport, Wales


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Gabriel Awuah Mainoo


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