Vaults of Secrets

In one story, a conscience takes it upon itself to keep prodding its principal until she tells the truth about the paternity of her four children. In another story, a woman cannot live with the result of her promiscuous lifestyle. In the title story, Vault of Secrets, a man has a special gift of walking into places at the most inopportune times. In another story, a woman facing the death penalty relives the story of a friend who has already suffered the same fate. In yet another prison story, a man comes to terms with his complicity in activism gone wrong.

The stories in this collection flirt with the limits of freedom and bondage, they are a means with which Olukorede Yishau examines the nature of man and his ability to choose; more so man’s ability to live with the choice he has made.

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Olukorede Sadiq Yishau


Parresia Publishers


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