The Spy Secret: The Teenage Spies


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My Mom Is A What? Jazmeen, a sophomore in high school finds out her mom is a secret spy, and she has to relocate to a new state almost immediately. Leaving her friends behind, and finding out about this secret throws Jazmeen for a loop. Jazmeen decides to give her new home and school (a spy academy) in California a chance. All is going well in the beautiful state of California, until Jazmeen and her new friends find themselves kidnapped by the Annihilator, and have to come together to save the Academy. How far will Jazmeen and her friends go to save the Academy?


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Jazmeen E. Osae-Kwapong

Jazmeen Osae-Kwapong is a children’s book author whose first book Vacation Mix Up received rave reviews from publishers, parents, and kids from around the world. Vacation Mix Up has been translated into Spanish. The first book in her new series (The Spy Secret) is now available on Amazon.

Jazmeen is a STEM enthusiast who loves to play video games and develop games. She enjoys reading and travelling to new places. Her favorite thing to do? - spending time with her family. She lives in New York with her sister, mom, and dad.

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