The River’s Power


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“I know that my country must have this dam,” Enyonam Agbeko said. “I am reconciled, though the land I farmed for forty years is now flooded. My father and my grandfather and even his father farmed that land before me.” He shook his head and swallowed quickly as if there were a lump in his throat. “But,” he continued, “I cannot look at this lake without crying.”

A dam is built across the Volta River at Akosombo in Ghana. This historical novel tells, in absorbing detail, the background to the dam project, the intricacies of international funding, the problems of dam construction and the remarkable achievement of generating hydroelectric power. These are balanced against a human problem of the greatest magnitude and complexity – the resettlement of thousands of displaced people, flooded out of their ancestral homes by the resultant lake.

The River’s Power is a book about the ideals of a people, about their aspirations, about their hopes, about their sacrifices and about their remarkable achievements.

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Annor Nimako

Annor Nimako was educated at Wesley College in Kumasi, and at the University of Ghana, Legon where he read Geography. He taught at the secondary school level for some years. In 1972, he joined the Ghana Publishing Corporation, Publishing Division, and became a Senior Editor. In 1973/74, he did a post-graduate course at the University of London, Institute of Education. When the Ghana Book Development Council was established, he was appointed a senior member of the initial professional staff in 1977. In 1983, he studied Techniques of Editing and other modules at the Oxford Polytechnic, now Oxford Brookes University.

He was the Executive Director of the Ghana Book Development Council from 1989 to 1996. His book, Map Reading for West Africa, a vastly popular geography book, was published by Longman in 1969.

Mr Nimako turned 83 in July 2018 and he is still writing! His latest novel is The Surgeon Verdict.

His other titles include:

Mutilated (2001)
Mind Your Language - Educated Ghanaian English (2004)
The River's Power (2012)
Mind Your English - Common Errors in English Books 1 & 2 Companions to CDs (forthcoming)

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