The Journey to True Success

God’s desire for his children is prosperity and success. But the question is, why are some people  still struggling in life? The reality is success  does not come by words but by works.

The Journey  to True Success is  written by Phanuel Akorley Bright, to put a smile on the face of those who are desperate  and disappointed in life, persons who have  higher aspirations  and for everyone who is starting-up. This book is biblically elucidated and gospel-centered. It carries detailed explanation of success in conformity with the word of God and how to deal with failure, unsustainable efforts and challenges confronting humanity.

What makes this book unique is that, it is blended with motivational messages and a life touching experience to keep your dreams alive. When you get a copy, you have the key to drive your dream to a greater heights. I must say this book is a missing key to the door of success now found.

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Phanuel Akorley Bright


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