Òmó is the compelling story of a fourteen year old Nigerian girl and her experience along her journey of self-determination. While growing up in Sun City, Òmó is brought face to face with the life lessons of surviving on her own. In her quest to live her dream, she gets enmeshed in a downward spiral that would send her into the abysmal misery that will require her to travel six years and over six thousand miles back, just to correct one mistake. From the Sediments of Sun City, through the Fiery Galadima Forest – traversing the Sand Dunes and Barchans of the Sahara and the Boorish Waves of the Mediterranean to the Piedmont Region of Modern Italy, Òmó is the story of courage and self-discovery, encapsulated in the intricate tapestry of a mother’s undying love for her child.
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Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu


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