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Know the Beginning Well (Five Decades of African Development)

The best way to plan for the future is to know as much as possible about the past. This book offers an inside look at Africa’s development journey across five decades, told through the eyes of someone who made the same trip. It is a personal account of some landmark people, policies, and institutions that have shaped Africa’s postcolonial history—and will continue to shape its future.

Journey of an African economist who worked through international institutions to affect meaningful change and ultimately to promote the economic transformation of Africa. It is a compelling story of leadership and dedication, and a must read for every development professional, young or old.-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia.


A well-crafted and fascinating read, K.Y. Amoako s book is part insightful memoir, part historical review. It gives the reader a front-row seat to Africa s development journey. Despite the challenges still faced by countries on the road to transformation, one is left with a sense of optimism that Africa will make it. -Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, former Coordinating Minister for the Economy of Nigeri.


Know the Beginning Well is an important book for understanding Africa’s economic and social development. Infused with the author’s passion for the continent and its people, it tells a compelling story of serving Africa with dedication, competence, and humility. In doing so, K.Y. Amoako weaves a rich and elaborate tapestry that illustrates the triumphs and struggles of transforming Africa. This book will inspire many as it inspired me. -James D. Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank.


Without doubt this is an important book about how policy is actually made. K.Y. Amoako writes from the front lines of economic development, engaging the most important leaders of the time in Africa. The book is filled with exciting stories of presidents, ministers, and international institutions as they grapple with policy decisions that have shaped and will continue to shape Africa’s future. Amoako sheds light on all them, with engrossing, personal accounts. Where was this book when I began my career? -Yaw Nyarko, Professor of Economics, New York University.

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K. Y. Amoako


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