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Going Bush (Middle School, #7.5)

Age Range: 9 – 13 years

Rafe’s been to the beach and now he’s headed to the bush – watch out Australia!

It’s fair to say that Rafe’s recent trip Down Under could not easily be called a success: in Australia he and his Mom were forced to flee a pack of bloodthirsty zombies after the ‘performance piece’ by Rafe and The Outsiders traumatised Shark Bay (aka ‘Australia’s Bravest Town’). Yet, when Rafe receives an offer to attend all-expenses paid ‘Cultural Campout’ in the Northern Territory, Australia, he takes precisely six seconds to say ‘yes’.

What happens next is full-throttle outback adventure in which Rafe will have to draw on every bit of his new-found ‘Man of Experience’ persona to make it out alive.


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James Patterson


Jimmy Patterson


Middle School


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