Girls’ Education: Life Lessons (1 World Manga Comics)

Girl’s Education!

Teenage orphan Rei survives by his wits and guts on the mean streets of the world. His fortunes seem to look up when he meets a mysterious stranger who offers to help him achieve his dream of becoming the greatest martial artist ever… But Rei’s trainer is more interested in developing his mind, spirit, and ugh! heart than his thrashing, raging, fighting moves! And Rei’s master turns out to be a real animal! In fact, Rei never knows what animal he’s going to turn into next!

Rei meets two best friends who can’t wait to learn a lesson! You think getting up in time to beat the first bell is hard? These young women have much greater obstacles to over to get an education! Plus, Rei has a transformative experience – several, in fact – and learns about the animal kingdom and girls up close and personal!

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