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Executive Hallucination

The Ultimate Crime: Ghana’s hard-won reputation as the bedrock of democracy in a sub-region gone mad is threatened by a hallucinatory Chief of Staff who holds the ultimate hostage – the President of the Republic of Ghana. The entire security apparatus is helpless – unless they found someone with the requisite experience to infiltrate the heavily guarded Castle, thwart the dreaded 4th Battalion of Infantry, and break a sick President out.

The Ultimate Madness: West Africa had gone mad again. Coups and counter-coups prevailed from North to South. Civil wars ran like wild fire from East to West. Everywhere was a bloody abattoir. In Liberia, the foolishness was perhaps, even more so. In the thick of that madness, a young medical student, seemingly not smart enough to comprehend the extent of the danger, arrive from Ghana. His one motive is the rescue of his twin – and anyone else smart enough to come along. Moving against time itself, bloodthirsty cannibals and the invasion of Libyan-trained rebels, he finds his family but there is no sister.

The Ultimate Score: Dr. Alexander J. Cattrall wants no part in the fracas between Ghana’s National Security Agency and a Chief of Staff who has suddenly declared himself President. But he takes extraordinary exception to the abduction of his twin sister. It is now time to settle a 23-year old score and help the country fulfil its vow to resist oppressors’ rule.

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JayJay D. Segbefia


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