Doubtful Minds, Arise!!


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Have you paused for a second to consider the power behind the great innovations we see around us these days: the internet, computers, aeroplanes, cell phone technology, drone photography, multimedia stuff, LED ads, etc.? What do all these inventions have in common? Well, these are all products of the human mind. The creator of the universe endowed humans with an exceptional gift which, when well-harnessed, enables us to think and solve problems. How well we use this gift of the mind is the subject matter of this book written by Mawuli Dzitse.

In relatively few pages, the author establishes the important role the mind plays in our lives. Any manipulation of the mind has a telling effect on who we are and what we become. The mind is like an independent variable; the state of the dependent variable revolves around it.

So what happens when the mind is in a doubtful state?
A doubtful mind does not necessarily have to result in negative developments. In fact, doubt generates creativity. When used in moderation, doubt can be a welcoming asset in the society. It is a mover for social change. Nevertheless, doubt can be pathological if it is not managed properly. It is the prevention of negative aspects of doubt that the author focuses in this book.

The underlying tone of the book posits that every human being has the capacity to use their mind to produce outcomes that can improve the quality of life than the one they came to meet.


Mawuli provides answers to questions aimed at enhancing individual outlook on life as well as strategies for making the mind clean, healthy and functional. In other words, how individuals should nurse and nurture their mind food, which he identifies as information and messages. He advises readers to avoid activities that can kill dreams. The book is spiced with biblical quotations to lubricate the mind and provide spiritual wisdom to the reader.

In addition, the author provides practical exercises in “Self-Post-Reading Discernment” sections that allow the reader to have hands on training and the feel of what is being advocated.

It is a must read for all who aspire to greatness and those who want to optimize the use of their greatest gift: the mind. Doubtful Minds, Arise!! will be useful to students, teachers, the young and the old, men, women and all those who want to experience an intrinsically fulfilling life.

Dr Ransford Antwi, 

Head of Department, Communication Arts,

Academic City University College, ACC Ghana.

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Mawuli Dzitse

Mawuli Dzitse is a journalist, teacher and author. He studied Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Central University, and had been professionally trained in broadcasting techniques from GBC Broadcasting College, Accra.
Challenges and problems do not scare him; when thus come his way, he rather searches for their solutions instead of complaining about them.
It hurts him when he sees people being treated unfairly and their fundamental human rights being abused.

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