Chosen For A Purpose


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This is a book specially written for people who are at a crossroads in life yet still struggling to identify or understand their purpose in life. It is written for those who have suffered so many setbacks and tough times that they may silently be questioning how God could possibly have a good plan for them in the midst of their challenges. This book is for those who know or sense that they have been destined to carry out a unique assignment for their families, societies, or even the world.

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Hannah Arabella Ewura Esi Tachie-Menson

Hannah Arabella Ewura Esi Tachie-Menson is a certified HR practitioner and an author whose writings focus on applying Biblical principles and truths to the realities of today’s way of life. She is interested in environmental stewardship, youth mentorship and corporate social responsibility issues.
She is the author of the books The Well of Life, Chosen For A Purpose, Simple Reasons to Say Thank You, and It’s Time to See Again.
She is a practicing Christian who believes in grooming and supporting people to become the best version of themselves.

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