Why the Dog Has A Hollow Stomach


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Suitable for children between 6 and 9 years (Classes 2 to 4)

Ananse thinks he is the wisest of all. When there is no food in the land, he is able to find food for his family. But he keeps the source of the food secret. Why?

What happens when his children discover the secret?

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Hannah Dankwa-Smith

Hannah Dankwa-Smith is a trained teacher who has been in radio broadcasting most of her working life. As a teacher, she trained her pupils in dramatising folktales on the Cape Coast radio station. She joined the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in 1965. While working with the Programmes Division of GBC, she serialised her stories in the Corporation's weekly magazine, 'Radio and TV Times'. She worked with GBC for twenty seven years and retired in 1992. Throughout those years, her interest in storytelling persisted.

She has written a number of stories for children including Koo Po and The Mistaken Identity. In 1987, she received the National Journalist Prize for the Best English Producer.

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Why the Dog Has A Hollow Stomach


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