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Ahafo and the Bono Regions of Ghana: Accomplishment & Honours of ‘Brilliant Achievers’ (Hardcover)

This book is a one-of-a-kind compendium of profiles of some distinguished citizens from Ahafo and the Bono Regions of Ghana. The book contains nuggets of inspiring biographical information that brings to the fore some men and women who have dared the oddities of life to challenge the debilitating issues of human existence.

The book is a guiding light for young people to emulate many successful Ghanaians, some of whom had humble beginnings but braced the odds to emerge as champions in their respective callings.

In addition, it is a must-read for professionals desiring to excel in their chosen careers and parents who want to inbue their children with a higher sense of confidence, patriotism and hope.

The first section of the book covers the profile of eminent natives of the Ahafo and the Bono regions who have contributed significantly to the development of the nation in all sectors, including chieftaincy, banking and finance, trade and industry, hospitality, diplomacy and farming, among others.

The second section talks about non-natives who had over the years also made a tremendous contribution to the regions and the nation while section three is a photographic presentation containing pictures of people such as female educationists, lawyers, ministers of state, regional ministers, sports personalities and some significant activities and events.

Additionally, the book contains photographs of all the chiefs and queen mothers of the former Brong Ahafo Region before it was carved into three regions.

It also has a six-page epilogue which contains the authors’ thoughts and also features all ministers of state who hailed from the regions.

Ahafo and the Bono Regions of Ghana: Accomplishments & Honours of ‘Brilliant Achievers’ seeks to bring to the fore personalities from Ahafo and the Bono regions who endeared themselves in their areas of human activity and could be considered as role models by students and the youth. The book may also commend itself to the general reader as well as the specialist whilst serving to be an essential tool of historical reference.” — Dr Kwame Saarah-Mensah, Former Secretary (Minister) of Youth and Sports, Former Ghana High Commissioner to India, and onetime Secretary (Minister) of the erstwhile Brong-Ahafo Region

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