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The “Thumb Prints” is a historical fiction novel, and as such, it is based on two important events in history: the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the Fante-Asante wars (Fante and Asante are tribes that form part of modern-day Ghana, West Africa). These two events are prominent in the history of Ghana, with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade being prominent in world history.

The purpose of this book is to provide a good read for readers, and not to incite any resentment towards any group of people or race.

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Dina Finba Fynn

Dina Finba Fynn is a Ghanaian and a pharmacist by profession.
She expresses her life as a business executive, pharmacist, musician, writer, and part-time pastor.
Dina has done many literary works; poems, film scripts, short plays, etc. this is her first novel.
She was born and raised in Tema, Ghana, where she still resides

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