The Right Stuff Comes In Black Too (Hardcover)


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The right stuff is a designation that was used originally to describe the early astronauts who pioneered space travel for the United States of America. They exhibited an extraordinary ability to perform in the challenging circumstances one finds in outer space.

This term can be used to describe Blacks of Extraordinary achievements in Movies, Sports, Business and many fields including Technology. This is how we describe the achievements of Dr. Thomas Mensah, who has succeeded against incredible odds. Ebony Magazine calls him a genius in the October 2006 publication.

He is the author of four books on Engineering Innovation and was awarded 7 US Patents in Fiber Optics in the short time frame of six years. He is also a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors USA.

CBS Television News in America on February 25, 2017 Black History Month Program dedicated a special feature interview on him, titled Celebrating the Engineer Who Revolutionized the Internet. This segment was televised worldwide.

His Innovations have impacted many fields of Engineering, including the Military and Defense, the Environment, Theme Parks, Nanotechnology and the Internet Platform. From Fiber Optics Development to cutting-edge research in Nanotechnology, Dr. Mensah is a Modern day thought leader, a Technology Innovator and one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st Century. He truly embodies the description of the Right Stuff Comes in Black Too.

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Thomas Mensah

Dr. Thomas Mensah's contribution to U.S innovation and competitiveness is astounding. He demonstrates that any individual regardless of their race can reach the highest level of technical competence, and realize significant achievements if they are willing to discover their innate talents and work hard to perfect their craft. From a humble beginning in Kumasi, Ghana; He rose to the top of his class in mathematics and the sciences and languages, receiving a French Government Fellowship to do graduate studies in Montpelier France. He holds a postgraduate certificate from MIT in Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Processes. After his doctorate in engineering, he migrated to the United States to work in two of the most prestigious research institutions in the country, Corning Glass Works Sullivan Park where Fiber Optics was invented and AT&T Bell Laboratories known for the discovery of the transistor and Lasers. His innovation in Technology extends from Fiber Optics to modern day Nanotechnology, with applications from cellphone batteries that last three days without charging to advanced weapon systems used by the U.S Military. Dr. Thomas Mensah is the "Right Stuff" comes in Black.

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The Right Stuff Comes In Black Too (Hardcover)


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