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The Raven

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When the king of Mahara suffers a fatal death at the hands an evil and cruel goddess, the kingdom of Mahara is suddenly plunged into palpable distress, darkness and mayhem with no hope of salvation or absolution. In the incumbent darkness, a young teen, Raya Nkube of the Rhodesu Clan, wins the heart of the supreme god Omari, due to a selfless act. Raya meets her untimely demise, but in her death she becomes something…on whom the survival of Mahara will depend.

Meanwhile, on a parallel earth, on his quest to find her wife who had been presumed dead for years, geological engineer Tony Sampah opens up a portal into the space-time continuum. But the moment the portal is opened, something goes wrong…

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Jacob Amanor Osae


The Trumpet Books and Publications

1 review for The Raven

  1. Jacob A. Osae

    The Raven is a pacesetter that births in itself an new wave contemporary african science fiction and fantasy literature.

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