The Human Weeds: Discovering Double-dealing Personalities


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Human Weeds is a magnificent effort to blend nature study, human life, and Scripture to produce a rare wisdom as a guide to life, behaviour and the cultivation of positive attitudes in society.

Weeds do not have a single meaning, and all their various manifestations are defined and classified as they are identified by a range of dictionaries; the features they exhibit in relation to their existence among other plants are outlined. The features are not surprisingly, unwarranted and undesirable. Juxtaposed with human society, the characteristic features of weeds are apparent in certain human individuals and groups of individuals in the manner in which they inhabit society and function to cause obstruction and negativity in all aspects of life.

However, human weeds can still be classified into four main groups distinguished by their typical spheres of operation: social weeds, economic weeds, religious weeds, and political weeds. The implication is that at all levels of society, and in every sphere of society, including the family, school, associations, workplaces, worship centres, health centres, the media, and all other places of human existence and operation, the weeds grow together with the grains and plants. The consequence is that negativity thrives everywhere in various forms.

All of these can throw a person into despair, for if they are not themselves weeds, then they thrive among weeds that engulf them in obstruction and negativity. What hope is there for such a person then? And that is where the author brings HOPE. The knowledge of what weeds are, the conditions that make them thrive, the effects they produce, is already a massive gain for the reader who becomes enlightened and therefore aware of the dangers they face; but above all, they gain the insight that they can overcome human weeds in the same way that natural weeds are overcome. Thus, the insights of the book serve as an instrument of HOPE to counter the darkness evoked by human weeds.

The insights produced by the approach sweeps along all aspects of life, illuminating the activities of human beings and their effects upon human activity, existence and progress through the negative influences cast by human weeds; but the HOPE that emerges through the wisdom of the Scriptures, which at each turn, shine a divine light upon how the activities of human weeds are destined to be overcome, encourage the reader that the journey of life and growth, even if they take place among human weeds can succeed by the knowledge, wisdom and guidance of the Divine.

Human Weeds is simple, well-illustrated and well-reasoned by an emerging author with a brave effort to provide a guide to life through wisdom. Congratulations on a worthwhile journey of authorship and guidance with the wisdom of faith and reason.

Rev. Casimir Adjoe, PhD; Co-ordinator, Languages, Central University

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Mawuli Dzitse

Mawuli Dzitse is a journalist, teacher and author. He studied Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Central University, and had been professionally trained in broadcasting techniques from GBC Broadcasting College, Accra.
Challenges and problems do not scare him; when thus come his way, he rather searches for their solutions instead of complaining about them.
It hurts him when he sees people being treated unfairly and their fundamental human rights being abused.

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The Human Weeds: Discovering Double-dealing Personalities


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