Stepping Up Your Life

Stepping Up Your Life is a book written from total conviction on the act of service and continuous personal development.

As life pelts us in different ways, which could be good or bad, it is the desire to better our current positions that defines us as individuals.

What do we pick from the moment when we feel all is lost? Stepping Up Your Life takes us through a journey of life changing and transition chapters. Each of the eleven chapters admonishes readers not to only acknowledge their weaknesses or strengths, but to develop their lives around life-defining principles. Basic principles that are taken for granted daily have also been discussed in this book.

Moreover, Stepping Up Your Life goes beyond the traditional personal development rhetoric to further delve into emerging trends of personal and career branding.

Topics like “Perfect Act of Service”, “You Need To Network”, “Showing Gratitude” have been addressed in Stepping Up Your Life to bring to bear the power of developing strong human relations.


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Sophia Kafui Teye


Sophia Kafui Teye


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