Real Fake (Nancy Drew Super Mystery, #3)

Age Range: 8 – 12 years

When Bess and George dared me to try out for the new reality TV show Mystery Solved!, I never thought I’d actually get picked. But the next thing I knew, I was off to Paris for the shoot.

I was all set for a fun-filled adventure in the City of Lights…until I started getting creepy e-mails from a strange address. It looks like the real mystery is going on behind the scenes.

The other contestants are so eager to win, I wonder how far they’re willing to go. There’s Chen, a video game designer and master hacker; Tyler, a businessman who will do anything to make a buck; Wendy, an aspiring actress who seems smarter than she’s letting on; and that’s only the beginning.

I just hope I can separate fact from fiction and avoid these obnoxious cameras long enough to figure out what’s up.

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Carolyn Keene


Simon & Schuster


Nancy Drew All New Girl Detective


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