Proceedings of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (Volume VI, 1968)

Proceedings, 1968. This issue contains the first series of the J.B. Danquah Memorial Lectures delivered by Justice W.B. van Lare in February 1968.


Presidential Address – Justice N.A. Ollenu

Medical Educatioin – Dr. John R. Ellis

Space Research and Its Relevance to Developing Countries – Rev. Professor John R. Koster

The Relationship between Overweening Pride and Retribution – Professor L.H. Ofosu-Appiah

Sudden, Unexpected and Unexplained Deaths in Accra, Ghana – Dr. William Neizer Laing

The Law, Human Rights and the Judiciary (The 1st J.B. Danquah Memorial Lectures) – Justice William Bedford van Lare