Outstanding Ewes of the 20th Century (Volume II)

The profiles of ten eminent Ewe men in this second volume, like the fifteen men and women eulogised in volume one are also worthy examples of hard work, honesty, diligence and sacrifice which are values that the youth of today can draw much inspiration from. This covers the following personalities:

  • James Gordon Avedor
  • Henoga Vinoko Akpalu
  • Rev. Emeritus Prof. C. G. Baeta
  • David K. Ziga
  • S. G. Antor
  • R.S. Amegashie
  • Eric Adjorlolo
  • Lt. Gen. E.K. Kotoka
  • E.Y. Amedekey
  • Prof. Justice A.K.P Kludze

This is an invaluable volume to grace the library shelf in every home.

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D.E.K. Amenumey


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