Buck Press My KG1: Our World and Our People Workbook

Suitable for children between 2 and 6 years

This Our World and Our People Workbook is specially designed to meet the needs of the Kindergarten child as he/she becomes curious about themselves and their environment. The book employs child-centered techniques like rhymes, songs and interactions with self, the immediate environment and the global environment. The activities in the book are designed to suit the
Ghanaian context and this elicits problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and leadership skills in the child.

Finally, all the activities are developed from the new Standard-based Curriculum and eliminate all potential barriers to learners (i.e. conceptual, linguistic, social, cultural, gender, or ability related) so that learning is equitable and inclusive.

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Godwin Awuku,

Thomas Kofi Arboh


Buck Press Limited


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