Muhammad Ali (Hardcover)

In Muhammad Ali, John Stravinsky tells the story of the century’s most famous sportsman. The many facets of this incredible life vividly and humanly expressed the changing world of the sixties, seventies, and eighties. There was Ali the Black Muslim, the African-American unafraid of being outspoken at a time when race riots left America’s cities in flames. Ali the Conscientious Objector, a man who sacrificed his prime fighting years to take a moral stand. Ali the Media Master, who, despite the near unanimous antipathy of sportswriters, made use of television and the press to create the modern sports hero. Ali the Most Famous Man in the World, known from New York and London to the jungles of Zaire for both his actions and his words. And there was Ali the Fighter, an unparalleled combination of the skills that make a boxer great.

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John Stravinsky


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