Monetizing Your Creativity and Innovation: An Introduction to Intellectual Property


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This book seeks to contribute to knowledge on Intellectual Property Rights among the youth with the aim of promoting creativity and innovation while providing information on the available modes of monetizing their creativity and innovation.

It introduces the otherwise unfriendly subject of intellectual property rights by using the very popular Ghanaian fictional trickster and god of all knowledge, Kwaku Ananse (as sometimes referred to as Anansi) in a conversational dialogue to help the reader explore the concept of intellectual property and its relevance to innovation; how to generate intellectual property; how individuals or businesses can protect their intellectual property, monetize and commercialize it; as well as, enforce their rights in the most practical way possible.

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Benedicta Mawuena Dzandu

Benedicta Mawuena Dzandu is a research and intellectual property assistant. A KNUST alumna and graduate of publishing studies. She is very passionate about book accessibility and has worked as a Book Reviewer and Influencer with over 15 authors and 4 publishing houses.

Blessing Korle

Blessing Korle is a communication design officer, social media Associate and Intellectual Property Enthusiast. He is very passionate about youth development and entrepreneurship, because it has enormous power for the future.

Jerome Dela Lavie

Jerome Dela Lavie is a Patent and Trademark agent. His background in Engineering and IP gives him a leverage in Patent drafting. His passion is to see IP taught at all levels of education in Ghana.

Mary Magdalene Onyinye Dotsey

Mary Magdalene Onyinye Dotsey is an IP Attorney and a general legal practitioner. Her Law and ADR background gives her an upper hand and advantage in IP rights protection and enforcement

Sarah Norkor Anku

Sarah Norkor Anku is an IP Attorney and General Legal Practitioner. Her foundation in Law, Biological sciences and management grounds her skills in IP Assets Management. She is a lecturer, consultant and Advocate in the subject.

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Monetizing Your Creativity and Innovation: An Introduction to Intellectual Property


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