Moby Dick

Described by D H Lawrence as ‘the greatest book of the sea ever written’ and now heralded as a classic of American literature, ironically Moby Dick was not a financial success for Herman Melville.

Inspired by real-life events, Melville’s epic tale features a young sailor, Ishmael, who yearns for adventure aboard a whaling-ship. In Nantucket, he signs up for a voyage aboard the Pequod, bound for the tropics.

But what Ishmael believes will be an ordinary whale hunt turns out to be nothing less than a voyage of revenge led by the imposing ‘ungodly, god-like’ Captain Ahab. For Ahab has already lost one of his legs to the great White Whale, Moby Dick, and this time – driven by a tremendous inner rage – he is determined to pursue him to the death.

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Herman Melville


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