Madam High Heel


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Age Range: 9+ years

Every knew the mischief and cantankerous behavior of Agyekum at Sir Good Leaf Boys Academy, a school that prides itself for discipline and academic brilliance.

However, when his deviant behavior becomes anti-social to the point where he causes bodily, harm to the much-liked Ms. Philips, things had to change.

In comes the new substitute teacher, Ms. Helen Eel and, for once, Agyekum pranks cannot trip her

One night, the legend of madam high heels hits Sir Goodleaf. The ‘click clacks’ footfalls of the one high heeled, red-gowned ghost appear to scare everyone but Agyekum.

Will the much-dreaded Madam High Heels be able to reform the stiff-necked Agyekum, or would he meet a grimmer end?


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J.T. Akai

J.T Akai was born in 1992. After completing His Senior High education at Ideal College, he studied English, Classics and Philosophy at the University of Cape Coast. His greatest inspiration comes from music and folklores. When he’s not working as a Human Resource consultant, he spends most of his time blogging or reading graphic novels.

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