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This book, MARK MY WORDS, has been born out of a passionate desire to draw attention to the importance of words, and more importantly, the appropriate use of words. The book is also intended to remind users of the English language to take personal responsibility for the words we use; that has largely determined the title of the book, particularly the use of “MY” – the possessive form of ‘I’.

It must be emphasized that this material is not an attempt to produce a typical book on English grammar; it is an effort to provide a social commentary on language use. This has obviously determined and underlined the focus and style of presentation


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Isaac Aggrey

Rev. Isaac Aggrey is an ordained Reverend Minister with a teaching ministry at the Word of Life Christian Centre. He is also a Legal Practitioner and has worked in various capacities at the Bank of Ghana since 1998. As part of his duties, Rev. Aggrey facilitates various training programmes at the Bank of Ghana Training Centre. He is also a public speaker, and usually moderates programmes and social events as a Master of Ceremonies.

Rev. Aggrey holds a B.A [Hons] in English and Sociology, which he obtained at the University of Science and Technology in 1989, and was called to the Ghana Bar in 2005. Rev. Aggrey has published a number of short stories in The Mirror newspaper. In addition, he presented a “Thematic and Stylistic Reappraisal” of J.E. Casely-Hayford's ETHIOPIA UNBOUND - Studies in Race Emancipation (a novel published in 1911), as a Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment for the requirements of B.A (Social Sciences) Honours Degree.
Rev. Aggrey is married to Sheila, and they have three children: Alvin, Kester and Valerie.

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Mark My Words (Volume 2)


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