• Awo the Sleuth and the Case of the Night Knocker

    Age Range: 10 – 15 years

    PAT-PAT-PAT, the sound came again!

    “It came from the roof!” Owura said.

    “Well, dear me, what could be on the roof at this time of the night?” Mrs Boahene murmured.

    This vacation ten-year old Awo Boahene is determined to have a great many adventures. She loves mystery books and she is prepared to have many mystery-adventures while school is out.

    But Awo soon learns that there’s a mystery-adventure coming right down to her doorstep – and it’s a frightful one! What is the dreadful PATTING sound that comes from their roof only at night – and why is there a terrible THUMPING at their front door but never anyone there? One thing is for sure – the Boahenes have a spooky visitor that comes in the dead of night and Awo intends to solve the mystery of the Night Knocker.

  • Crossing the Stream

    Ato hasn’t visited his grandmother’s house since he was seven. He’s heard the rumours that she’s a witch, and his mother has told him he must never sit on the old couch on her porch. Now here he is, on that exact couch, with a strange-looking drink his grandmother has given him, wondering if the rumours are true. What’s more, there’s a freshly dug hole in her yard that Ato suspects may be a grave meant for him.

    Meanwhile at school, Ato and his friends have entered a competition to win entry to Nnoma, the island bird sanctuary that Ato’s father helped create. But something is poisoning the community garden where their project is housed, and Ato sets out to track down the culprit. In doing so, he brings his estranged mother and grandmother back together, and begins healing the wounds left on the family by his father’s death years before.

    And that hole in the yard? It is a grave, but not for the purpose Ato feared, and its use brings a tender, celebratory ending to this deeply felt and universal story of healing and love from one of Ghana’s most admired children’s book authors.

  • Witches of Honour: A Novel

    2015 CODE Burt Award for African Young Adult Literature Finalist
    It was said that Danoa didn’t have any luck to go with her beauty. Her birth brought nothing but hardship upon her mother and the woman’s entire family. Then just when by a twist of fate things started looking up for her, she got labelled a witch. How Danoa coped with the odds against her forms the plot of Asare Adei’s new page-turner.
    The book was awarded third place in the Burt Book award for Ghana in 2015.
  • Trinity High: Big Changes (Trinity High Vol 4)

    Big Changes at Trinity High is the fourth novel in the Trinity High series.

    Trinity High School is undergoing changes that are both challenging and heartbreaking. Naa Atswei, now a form three girl, no longer has to worry about the seniors – she is now one of them. What she and her mates do not know is that, in a strange twist of fate, they now have to worry about the juniors! These new ninos are not only atypical, but are united with one resolve – wage war on all seniors!

  • Sosu’s Call (Upgraded Version)

    Age Range: 12+ years

    Sosu’s Call, won the 1999 UNESCO 1st prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature in the Service of Tolerance. It is listed as one of the top twelve titles of Africa’s 100 Best Books; and has been named an Honor Book for Young Children by the African Studies Association’s Children’s Africana Book Committee, as a contribution to accurate and balanced material on Africa for children.

    Beautifully illustrated, the story tells of Sosu, a young disabled boy who cannot walk. Sosu misses going to school and all the activities of the other children. His village is on a lagoon, and one day when everyone is away fishing, working in the fields or at school, he raises the alarm with his drumming, and saves the village from total destruction by the sea. His heroism is rewarded when a wheelchair is donated and at last he can go to school.

  • My Nightmare

    2018 CODE Burt Award for African Young Adult Literature Finalist
    “As the taxi drove past shacks, shops and buildings; past familiar homes and friends’ stores; past the salon where I was learning to become a hairdresser; past the spot where I sold waakye with Ima; more tears rolled down my cheeks. Zongo was a slum and was notorious for its filth, criminality, and deprivation; yet, this was where i was born. This was home for me. This was where most of my friends were. Whereas people in other parts of Accra saw filth and degeneration in Zongo, I saw love, hope, and beauty. I knew all the good people in Zongo and they were more than the ‘bad’ people I knew. I knew the honest hardworking people in Zongo, many of whom moved from the North to the South in order to build good lives for their children. People like Baba and Ima who left their birth place to come to the South so that their own children would have a good future. Where others saw Zongo as a den of thieves, I saw it as a safe haven. Nobody in this world could man handle me as long as I remained within the safety of its womb.”

    My Nightmare

  • Madam High Heel

    Age Range: 9+ years

    Every knew the mischief and cantankerous behavior of Agyekum at Sir Good Leaf Boys Academy, a school that prides itself for discipline and academic brilliance.

    However, when his deviant behavior becomes anti-social to the point where he causes bodily, harm to the much-liked Ms. Philips, things had to change.

    In comes the new substitute teacher, Ms. Helen Eel and, for once, Agyekum pranks cannot trip her

    One night, the legend of madam high heels hits Sir Goodleaf. The ‘click clacks’ footfalls of the one high heeled, red-gowned ghost appear to scare everyone but Agyekum.

    Will the much-dreaded Madam High Heels be able to reform the stiff-necked Agyekum, or would he meet a grimmer end?


    Madam High Heel

  • Sintim

    Age Range: 9+ years

    Thirst for freedom from oppression motivates four young friends to confront an old tyrant and with the assistance of Nana Domfeh, a mysterious sorcerer figure. The new order finds Sintim the assumed leader of the quartet ascending the throne .However, he immediately loses the throne in a bloody battle and is forced into exile. Will this principled and selfless character regain the throne that he had been ordained by the oracle to occupy?



  • Lightning

    When Nana Akua has a premonition about a boy hit by a car, she leaves Kumasi for Accra with her mother to warn the boy. Unknown to Nana Akua, Amanfo, the boy she is trying to warn, has bigger problems to deal with. Against his will, he is being forced to steal money from banks because of his special ability to walk through walls. Another girl, Awura Esi, blind, but possessing an ability to see despite her blindness, is trying to help set Amanfo free from the people who are making him steal. Nana Akua and Awura Esi’s paths cross. They join forces to help set Amanfo free. In the process, they discover a truth that is as revealing as it is shocking. This book teaches that family love always finds a way to create togetherness again.

    2015 Second Place CODE Burt Award for Ghanian Young Adult Literature. The CODE Burt Award is a literary award and readership initiative that recognizes excellence in young adult literature and provides young readers with engaging books that they want to read.


  • Louisa


    Louisa’s dream of attending the best senior high school in the country materializes when she gains admission to St. Nicolas. Her assertiveness leads her into a confrontation with Paul, the class bully which nearly gets her killed.

    The events following this incident further portray the protagonist’s will to achieve her goals no matter what.


  • The Kaya-Girl

    2012 First Place Burt Award for African Young Adult Literature Finalist

    “I’m Abena,” I said in Twi.

    “I’m Faiza,” she said in a language I would soon find out was called Dagbanli.”

    An accidental meeting in Accra’s bustling Makola market makes an impact that is to affect the destinies of two extraordinary young women. For Abena, the open-minded girl from a comfortable family, the meeting is an opportunity to learn about the culture of the other girl and to appreciate the dignity that we often fail to see in the lives of the underprivileged of our country. For Faiza, the eponymous Kaya girl, the encounter with the richer girl is to provide a joyful adventure in her otherwise harsh existence and provided the inspiration that will transform her life.

    The Kaya-Girl is a wonderful story, told with warm humor, about two young and confident people from vastly different Ghanaian worlds.


    The Kaya-Girl

  • Against the Odds: A Novel

    Young Kwaku Obeng, falsely accused of a crime, comes to Accra to seek his fortune and find a means of clearing his name.

    Homeless and penniless, virtually alone in the world, he strives against the odds in a world that owes him no favours. Will he be able to achieve his dream of becoming a medical doctor? Will his tarnished image be restored?

    Will he ever be able to go home again?

  • The Hunt

    Sackey and Nyarko had always pitched their wits against each other. When Nyarko beat Sackey at a quiz competition, Sackey sought a way of proving that he was better than his rival. The opportunity came in a quest to find the emerald stool of the Krobos. The two rivals, with their friends, set out to the first to discover this ancient stool separately. Even more, unknowing to them, Sackey and Nyarko were related.

    The Hunt

  • Between Wars

    In a single twist of war, two sister, Enkaakye and Timaa, find their lives turned upside down. Enkaakye resiliently waits for the return from war of the one she loves. Timaa chooses to give up hope and patience, and move on with her life. The sisters’ choices lead to consequences that threaten their bond of sisterhood to its core.

    As war drums begin to beat in their community once more, will their relationship survive the imminent danger?

    Between Wars is a heartwarming story of love, loss, family, and friendship. Above all, it shows how wisdom and courage can be found in the most unexpected of places.

    Between Wars

  • Fate’s Promise

    Sequel to the Lost Princess.

    They say that the path of true love never did run smoothly. Prince Gyakari and Princess Batoma’s relationship has entered a fiery phase where their love and loyalties are tested. As with true love, other combatants are always involved. Prince Darkwa of Mrem will try everything he has to separate these two lovers and he has a partner in Princess Afrakoma, who would stop at nothing to do the same. Can their love survive the wicked machinations of this deadly duo? Will another combatant from Gyakari’s own royal house, Prince Bonsu, who was willing to eliminate him, succeed in turning the tables on Gyakari in order to win Batoma’s love?

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